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Stairway to (coffeeshop) Heaven

September 12th, 2011

Holland has hosted legal marijuana “coffeeshops” for many years now. They are licensed and taxed, and the dope sold in them is undoubtedly the best found in the world. This is because the weed is of such hybrid quality, bred for the purposes of selling in these very shops, that Cannibas Cup winners of recent past competitions originate from the seed farms cultivated in Holland.


Of course, pot can be purchased in these shops for smoking or “take away” — but you don’t want to buy more than you need. With so many shops around town, its easy enough to get stoned in as many places as you stumble across — and then quickly forget! As the saying goes (and it goes double here) “a little goes a long way.”


Seeds can also be purchased in AmDam’s coffeeshops. Seed banks have become so popular, that cannibas seeds are available on the internet for distribution to many countries. You can purchase cannabis seeds in the UK through several on-line outlets, as well as across the EU. Hydroponics, hot-house varieties, and home-grown strains are easy on the budget and produce high-quality plants and buds.


You’ll find more than 500 coffee shops in AmDam, selling mind-bending dope called by such funky names as AK-47 (get it?), White Skunk, Silver Haze, and Northern Lights. Coffeehouses vary from small modest establishments to several storied structures with lavish surroundings. There is often a metaphysical or eastern theme woven into the décor. Some have cushy seats with throw pillows; some have stools. A few serve alcohol and even fewer, food. Enjoy your Amsterdam trip with good beer, good smoke, and cool seasonal temps as the autumn breezes arrive.


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