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Faroe Island-Hopping

The Rugged Beauty of the Faroe Islands

The Rugged Beauty of the Faroe Islands

Sitting smack-dab in the center of the North Atlantic Gulf Stream, the Faroe Islands are a bundle of green-archipelago paradise peeking from the blue ocean like cats’ eyes between Iceland and Scotland. You might think this to be an odd place to find a slice of Eden — high-latitude ocean, cold and rainy, icy and desolate (like Iceland and Scotland themselves!) — but the warm waters of the Gulf Stream keep the temperatures … well, temperate. Summertime averages are 51 degrees (11 Celsius), with bright sunshine and fresh sea air that’ll clean your city-soot lungs in no time.

Cool air during the summer is what we all long for, and what the Faroese call their “destination draw” for outdoor activities and “becoming one with nature.” Hiking is king here, and of the 18 islands in the archipelago, 11 boast trails with seaside, cliffside, and mountaintop views. Ferries and guided groups take you on half- and full-day excursions to visit waterfalls, ancient fishing villages, sailing tours, bird watching, and cave exploration.

Since you’re already in the middle of an ocean, take the time to do some deep-sea fishing on one of the dozens of private launches available for half- and full-day fishing trips. Or for a leisurely ocean trip, book spots on some of the famous two-mast schooners that let you experience sea-travel history as only an island people like the Faroese can show you. And there is always scuba diving amid candy-colored fish fluttering through the barrier reefs.

After a day walking-diving-sailing through such pristine nature, you’ll want to taste Faroese cuisine, a truly Nordic experience loaded with fish, seafood, and fresh produce that’ll leave your ears tingling.

Flights to the Faroe Islands are plentiful, with major European hubs servicing the capital city, Tóshavn. City hotels, pensions, B&Bs, and private flats abound on the islands.


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