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Try the European Angler Experience

July 10th, 2009

euro_angler2-300x231 Try the European Angler Experience

In the annals of spirited holidays for the angler, what could be a more memorable trip than fly fishing on one of Europe’s gazillion rivers, lakes and ponds? Forget the steamy streets of touristy Rome, Paris, Madrid or Berlin this trip. Head for the hills, valleys and plains with a seasoned guide and your favorite tackle.

Get thigh deep in a cold-water river, feel the gush of white-water currents drag your hip basket, and watch the morning sun glint off your rod as you cast your fly for feisty fish. If you’ve never been to Europe for sport fishing, don’t fret, as your needs will be as easily met as any North American angler camp.

August & September are peak months in the north (Norway & Sweden) for haddock and salmon, while October cools the hot mountains of Spain and France to bring trout and pike up for your poppers, dry flies and caddis. Be sure to bring your nymphs, too — but leave the non-fishing wives at home for this exciting excursion.


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