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Amalfi’s Off Season

April 8th, 2009

positano, italy

Summer is busy in Europe, no matter what the economy says. Travel is sort of like beer: you drink it when you’re up because you can … and you gulp it when you’re down to drown your sorrows. When economies sour, travel opportunity opens up: cheap hotels, car rental deals, air fare discounts. This off-season is yet replete with special places for the heads-up traveler.

Italy’s Amalfi coast exhibits some of the most picturesque scenery in the world: vertical towns, scintillating waters, sea air breezes, and dining al fresco. Before June, July & August heat and tourist crowds claim these narrow streets and roads, you can still bag a pension overlooking the Med, and sip sherry on the pebble beaches as the western skies burn crimson in sunset.

Positano is one vertical town that captures imaginations because it’s been in the imagination business since its 10th Century founding. Shipping was its business, and the sea provided its riches. Today all of that history reflects upon you in its cream and peach villas, the dome of the cathedral of St. Maria Assunta, and its famous sandals made to order in any one of a dozen local shops.

If your idea of Italy is Rome, Florence, and Venice, your history is in the right place, but for laid back excitement that lets your feet bathe in Mediterranean waves, the Amalfi coast holds all your desires.


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